At the end of the book, Oskar describes everything backwards. He starts thinking his father was the man who fell from the building. Then, Oskar imagines his father actually flying up from the ground. After that is a series of events that happened to Thomas but were told in a backward manner. Oskar ends the story with the line: “We would have been safe.”

This paragraph makes me wonder. I thought that Oskar was over his father’s death by finding out the truth about his key. He also “allows” his mother to fall in love again. So why does Oskar still reminisce about that “worst day.” I have come to a conclusion that rewinding the pain, the misery, and the suffering does not mean that Oskar doesn’t move on in life. It is actually a prime sign that he is ready to let this incident be his past. It is like when someone spills his coffee on his shirt, and there is no way to clean the shirt, so the only way for him to wipe off the stains is to rewinding everything “like it never happened.”

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